Rutherford, CA

Cakebread Cellars Annual Open House

Saturday, Jan 27, 2024

Jack and Dolores Cakebread

Event Information

Time: Multiple times, starting at 11:00 AM

Location: Cakebread Home Ranch, Rutherford, CA

Price: $75 per adult

Jack and Dolores Cakebread

About This Event

For over 45 wonderful years, the winter season has brought a unique charm to Cakebread Cellars, as Jack and Dolores Cakebread warmly welcomed friends and family to our joyful annual Open House.

It's a time when we come together to celebrate the heartwarming philosophy our founders cherished: Quality wine is the perfect companion to delicious food and delightful company.

We invite our Club Members and extended Cakebread family to join us on this festive occasion for some exquisite wine and food pairings as we joyfully honor Cakebread's rich history, our exciting present, and the bright future ahead of us!