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wine club FAQs

cakebread cellars club FAQs

Who Can Receive My Wine Shipment?

It is absolutely essential that there is an adult, 21 years of age or older, at the shipping address you provided at the time of your enrollment, to legally provide a signature and receive your shipment. If you originally provided a home address for shipping and there will not be an adult present on a regular basis, we strongly urge you to use a business address to minimize the possibility of missing a delivery attempt. Please call our Guest and Member Services Team at (800) 588-0298 to discuss this matter and potential options. Like you, we really want you to get your wine on time.

What Is My Shipping Cost Per Shipment?

Shipping costs are predicated by both the delivery address and current fuel surcharges. Shipping rates are updated on an as-need basis. Our objective in our shipping pricing is to simply break even. To view shipping rates, click here. Your wine will be shipped from our shipping partner, located in both California and New York.

How Do I Know When I Can Expect To Receive My Wine?

Three weeks before each scheduled shipment, you will receive a pre-shipment notice (via e-mail) providing you with the information of when your credit card will be billed and the approximate date that you can expect your shipment. If you know yourself or someone else won’t be able to receive the wine on this date, it is paramount that you let us know at least seven days prior to the published shipping date (please refer to our website or your refrigerator magnet we have included). The carrier (UPS/FEDEX) will make three delivery attempts and then return your shipment to our winery. Please note: once your wine is in transit we can not re-direct in any way.

How Does Re-Shipping My Wine Work?

In order to serve you best, we need you to inform us via e-mail, phone or letter at least seven days prior to the shipment if a person of legal age will not be available to receive a particular shipment; we’ll gladly acknowledge your request and set up a new shipment date for you. If your wine shipment is returned to the winery after the three delivery attempts have been made, then we’ll ask you to be responsible for the re-shipment charge.

Can I Get Other Wine If I Don’t Like What’s In The Shipment?

If by chance you don’t fancy one of the varietals, it’s only a bottle or two and your family or friends will be grateful that you’ve gifted them a fabulous bottle, or two, of Cakebread Cellars wine. Unfortunately, due to logistics, we’re not able to honor substitution requests; thanks for understanding.

I'm Going To Be In The Area - Can I Pick Up A Shipment At The Winery?

Yes, we can arrange to not ship one of your allocations so you may come and purchase it in person instead. Please reply to the pre-shipment notice or call us to arrange your pick up visit before the allocation's processing date (seven days before shipment). We will set up a tasting date for you. On that date, please identify yourself as a wine club pickup member to the Visitor Center staff and they will sell you your allocation at the wine club member discount.

Can I Have A Standing Arrangement To Pick Up All Of My Allocations At The Winery?

Yes; we can set up your account to have all allocations held for pick up rather than shipping on the wine club release date. Please call us before each visit to arrange your pick up visit. And, if for some reason you’re not able to make it within two months of the wine club release date, we’ll ship each allocation to your shipping address on file. We will communicate your ship date for each un-picked up allocation in the pick up email notices we send you for each allocation.

Is My Wine Club Membership Transferable?

Your wine club membership benefits belong solely to you and therefore can not be shared, transferred or extended to others.

How Do I Cancel My Membership/What Is My Commitment To Cakebread Cellars?

Please call us or send an e-mail to cancel at any time. Or, if you choose to decline two consecutive shipments, we won’t take it personally and we will de-activate your membership and send you an e-mail informing you. Of course, if you need place your account on “hold” for a vacation, moving or similar circumstance, we can oblige for a month if needed; then, we will send your wine when you return.

Request For E-Mail Address:

In an effort to provide our wine club members with the best customer service possible, we must have your current e-mail address on file. Having your e-mail address enables us to communicate relevant information like the "pre-shipment notices,” shipment tracking numbers and event information. So, if you suspect in any way that we may not have your current e-mail address, please respond to Here at Cakebread Cellars we have a commitment to protecting your personal data. We do not share, sell or loan any personal information with any other business or organizations. And, with spam becoming more and more bothersome, many companies and home PC users have installed spam protecting programs. On most internet services, especially e-mail services, automatic programs are in place to block unidentified senders. We recently learned a wine club member was not able to receive e-mails from Cakebread Cellars due to a newly installed spam filter. So, if you have not been able to receive e-mails from us and would like to, please check any recently installed filters at home or at work.

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