Dinnerprep 0029  large

Dennis Cakebread prepping in the kitchen

Ciawinetasting 0104  large

Wine notes

Denniswalk 0010  large

A walk through Dancing Bear Ranch vineyard

Dbrwinefoodsem 169  large

The grocery list for the day

Prep 0177  large

The AHW team coming together

Bellwether farms visit

A Visit to Bellwether Farms

Cia winetasting2

Group tasting at the CIA

Dolores picking

Dolores picking grapes

Chefs at meat stand

Chatting with Broken Arrow Ranch

Prep 0114  large

Fresh bread

Winefoodsem 0162  large

Bruce Cakebread talks wine

Chef purveyor

Making new friends with Broken Arrow Ranch

Dolores roasting a pig

AHW Dolores Roasting a Pig

Pig Roast

Dinnertues 0022 dolores

Dinner Tuesday 2

A happy Tuesday

Man opening wine btl

AHW getting ready to enjoy

Can't wait to get this open

Breakfast outside  large

Breakfast in the vineyard

Farmersmkt 0053  large

Point Reyes Blue

Chef at table  edited

Guest Chef visiting with guests at harvest dinner

Meeting the Chef

Chefs at outdoor grill

Dinner Tuesday Chefs at Outdoor Grill

Chefs at the Outdoor Grill

Dinnertues dolores

Dinner Tuesday 3

Great Tuesday Night

Dinnerprep 0020  large

Fun in the kitchen before service

Long view of tables

HDR Dinner Tuesday

Group Dinner Time

Breakfast99 0102  large

Toby Halkovich in the vineyard

Farmersmkt 0047  large

Fresh honey at the market

Ahw prep  large

Food prep

Fosterpicking 0255  large

Harvesting grapes with the AHW team