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Playing with Fire

TIME: 9:30 am
LOCATION: Winery House Kitchen, Rutherford, CA
PRICE: $195 plus tax per person
RSVP: Contact our culinary department at culinary@cakebread.com or by phone at 800.588.0298
(Class size limited to 16 guests)

A day spent cooking, eating and drinking out of doors in Napa Valley? No surprise that our grilling/woodburning oven cooking class is a perennial favorite. Hone your grilling skills and master the woodburning oven with this delicious menu built all around cooking with fire.

This year, we’ll start with roasted oysters with preserved lemon butter, luscious grilled peaches wrapped in prosciutto, an assortment of pizzas from the wood oven and brochettes of lemongrass swordfish.

We’ll then sit down to a lunch of cedar plank salmon with creamed corn and blistered cherry tomatoes, and smoked tri-tip that’s been rubbed with ancho & coffee and served with a sun-dried cherry steak sauce, all enjoyed with a selection of wines from the Cakebread cellars. To finish, a blackberry-cornmeal pudding cake with buttermilk sabayon.

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