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Kids in the Kitchen: Pizza Party

TIME: 10:00 am
LOCATION: Winery House Kitchen, Rutherford, CA
PRICE: $75 per child plus tax (lunch with one parent included)
RSVP: Contact our guest and member services team at or by phone at 800.588.0298
(Class size is 10 participants)

No grownups allowed—at least until lunchtime!

Drop off your child at 10:00, and we’ll spend the morning mastering pizza, from picking ingredients to serving the finished pie.

The kids will work side-by-side with chefs Brian and Tom to harvest pizza toppings and salad items from our ¾-acre garden; make appetizers, pizza sauce, salad and dessert in the winery kitchen; and make the dough, build their pizzas and cook them outside at the woodburning oven. After that, they’ll join our service captain, Kelly, for a primer on table setting and serving.

When you return at noon, you and your cook will share a delicious meal prepared and served by the kids: watermelon brochettes with feta and mint, Caesar salad and the kids’ custom-made individual pizzas, fresh from the woodburning oven. For dessert, fresh roast peaches with amaretti cookies and vanilla bean ice cream. Adults will enjoy a selection of Cakebread Cellars wines to enjoy with the meal.

For ages 7-12. Sorry, no parents allowed during the class. $75 per child, with one parent lunch with wine included.

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