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Cakebread Cellars

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Since its founding in 1973 by Jack and Dolores, Cakebread Cellars has been famous for its warm, gracious hospitality and unmatched wines. With an enduring commitment to quality, the belief that life’s occasions are elevated by good people, good food, and good wine flows through everything we do. Sharing these tenets and this journey with you not only brings us great joy, but also gives us the motivation to always look to improve. We take great pride in sharing our family with your family.

With 40 harvests under our belts, and the second generation of winemaking Cakebreads now running the winery, our little family winery has become one of the most successful and respected wineries in America, renowned for its world-class vineyards, wines, and hospitality. It is our commitment to quality, and our history, that we feel truly blessed to share with you.

Cakebread winemaking team

Meet the Team

Great winemaking requires a lot of teamwork, and we have assembled the perfect team.

Cakebread Cellars - Practices & Techniques

Quality Wine

To constantly enhance wine quality, we are always at the forefront of innovative winegrowing strategy and technology.

Cakebread Cellars - estate vineyards

Estate Vineyards

We ensure we start with the best fruit from our estate vineyards.

Cakebread Cellars

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